A gust of wind

Ripples and waves

We need your pebble in the pond

Yad Voezer removed the skeleton from the closet. Our organisation devoted itself to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and mental health issues, but we cannot do this alone. Pick up a finger for a helping hand. Extend your hand to our helping hand. 


Postal Donations

Yad Voezer Day Centre

9 Amhurst Park

London N16 5DH


BACS Donations

Bank name: CAF Plc

Account name: Yad Voezer Limited

Account Number: 00009925
Sort Code: 40-52-40

Sarah came home delighted after 

the cycling session. She has mobility issues, but the bike enabled her to rise above that. She told me, "Mom I flew! So, so fast!" Thank you so much for giving her the wings to fly.

Mrs K,   a greatful parent