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young ladies with learning disabilities eating nutritious lunch

Our Stakeholders

The Pillars

Our Founders

The first pairs of extended hands

Every organisation ticks, some for the better and some for the even better. We like to say that our helping hand tick-tocks well, effectively improving the lives of our clients with learning disabilities. But who were the brave ones who broke through the disability stimga? And who steers us in the right direction?

Mr Refoel Spitzer


Rabbi Joseph Springer


Rabbi Chaim Landau


Mrs Zelda Landau

Founder & Chief executive

Rabbi Solomon Singer


Mr Yossi Korn

Day Centre Manager

Mr Stewart Chikwature

Registered Care Home Managers

Mr Tommy Josef

We got the newsletter this morning,
and were awed at the comprehensive and all-encompassing program. David is having a great time at the centre and comes home happy, calm and fulfilled.

Mr D,   a greatful parent

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